Writing Stuff

Stuff That Will Guarantee the Perfect Essay

Clearly, it is not that simple. This stuff might not help at all. In fact, this is just random stuff we like. What?

Ok, as writers, we find that having rituals like our favorite coffee cup, and our special candle, and the perfect pen, and imported notepad, and lucky rubberband, are a really big deal or our whole day goes to hell. So while this stuff absolutely will not create the perfect essay, sometimes it does help to dedicate a special notepad or new pen — or whatever — to your college essay writing efforts. There’s a lot to be said for just getting in the right frame of mind (and also in the right physical space, but that’s another story) and here are some things we like that might make you feel like a writer (which you are, by the way, at least until college application season is over). Also, “I need it to get into college”, might prove an effective bargaining strategy for parental funding.

    Worther Mechanical Wooden Pencils

    Ok, we're not ones to go nuts at the thought of writing in pencil, but these are just sleek and cool and, we basically just got sucker punched. They are carved from wood from the Black Forest and even have a wooden button. So, there.

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    Kovacs Desk Lamp

    Regardless of whether you type or write, people tend to rely too heavily on overhead lighting and floor lamps. We like this one because it's space friendly, adjustable and kind of funky. It's not the cheapest, but if you get it, you'll write an essay good enough for Harvard. Yes, we can send a note to your parents.

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    Smythson Notebook

    Really anything by Smythson should make you feel inspired because their stuff is just so damn gorgeous. Buy this, and you owe it to Smythson to finish your college essay, just on principle. Also, it's pretty indulgent, so buy this, and you owe it to your parents to finish your essay, just on guilt.

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    Kitchen Timer

    Sometimes it's just about sitting there until it comes to you. And if that's too daunting, at least negotiate with yourself to write for 15 minutes. Something. Anything. Your name. Any timer will do, but we like this one, which was in our kitchen, but gets far more use at our desk.

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    First Lines Mug

    Any serious writer will tell you that the first line of a story or novel is critical. If you submit something to an editor, that first line can be what makes them keep reading or not. The college essay is pretty much the same thing, so these are good inspiration. No, you can't use them. They are already taken.

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    Moleskine Lego Notebook

    It's a Lego. In a Moleskine. So, wouldn't this help tap into your inner child, remind you of that perfect story of your past? If you're stuck writing a college essay and all, wouldn't this be kind of fun? Is it just us?

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    Beats Solo 2 Headphones

    Relax. We have an explanation. As we live in New York, we constantly work to the sweet sounds of construction, honking, sirens and shrieking. For us, it's sometimes better to write with headphones on. We didn't want to be hip. We tried others. They just weren't that good. So now we're sheep.

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    Sharpie Fine Point Pen

    Yep, this is your mother's Sharpie. If it can make a comeback like this, then maybe disco isn't dead. Somehow, these pens shook off their thick nubbed, dull-witted marker beginnings and have now become well made, trendy writing instruments at an affordable price. Try the Liquid Mechanical Pencil. Groovy.

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